Reliable Anytime, Anywhere

The first computer, an ENIAC, was developed for military use.
In the age of modernized, digital warfare, computers and electronics comprise an enormous proportion of the battlefield.
We present the surest solution that will be able to give you the fastest way, working 100% in any situation to achieve your goal.


    Given the nature of military operations, a computer must function without issue even in extreme environments, and must be water and dustproof.


    There must be innate clarity and delivery in judging information and determining operations in a short period of time.


    It is manufactured based on a verified industry-standard COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) open modular architecture technology, functioning steadily in various & harsh environments


    Taiwan company 7StarLake’s panel computer is equipped with a smart display and panel. It has 6-20 functions keys made of durable rubber which allow you to make presets for a variety of configurations for mission emergencies. These kinds of features are a great help to users for making instant decisions and reacting to urgent situations on mission.


    Military vehicles collect a vast amount of data on the battlefield through sensors, store it locally, and send it to highly sophisticated deep learning systems for analysis and interpretation. The Edge GPU system allows you to visualize and represent data collected on the battlefield in real time.


    I-BRIDGE.COM’s military workstation supports all electronic equipment and cloud applications used on the battlefield. VMware software supports its operation under complex digital infrastructures worldwide. Built upon the IntelXeonDE platofrm, it is a high-performance workstation able to use multi-core processors with up to 16 cores.


    As a server built with patented conduction cooling technology, it is designed to withstand the harshest environments (MIL-STD-810, vibration up to 5GRMS and shock up to 40g). It is the realization of both high performance and reliability, with a fanless 2U rugged chassis and the NVIDIA Quadro MXM GPU with the latest Intel Core and Xeon CPU.