100% Self-driving, Electric-powered, Intelligence

EZ10, an electric, smart and autonomous shuttle, has been launched early this year by 7Starlake and EasyMile.
Besides Taiwan, EZ10 has been deployed over 50 sites in 14 countries across Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe.

Improving quality of life by eco-innovation & noiseless design

EZ10 is powered by rechargeable battery. Without emitting greenhouse gas, EZ10 is an ideal solution for environmental protection. Additionally, it does not make noise to surroundings.

Mobility & User-friendly

EZ10 provides users a transportation alternative to move easily. For physically challengeduser, passengers with luggage, baby carriage, and children, EZ10 provides build-in access ramp.

Achieving safety at the highest level with multi-sensor technology & obstacle detection

EZ10 ensures the safety of passengers and pedestrians from road hazards due to severalsafety systems, hence EZ10 can detect obstacles relying on our advanced technology solution.

Unmanned technology save your budget, no extra infrastructure is needed

EZ10 does not require specific infrastructure and driver. It reduces more operations cost than other transportation alternatives.