Intelligent Transport Robot

The demands of medical care increase rapidly and non-stop from then till now. The existence of AGV is expected to maintain the quality of medical care, reduce the working load of medical staffs, and increase hospital’s overall operational efficiency. AGV in hospital can deliver medications, meals, bed linen, surgical instruments and medical waste from one place to another, saving human resource for better patient care.


Repeated deliver service of medications and meals to wards now can be successfully done by AGV. Medical staffs will only need to place materials and supplies on to AGV, appointing specific route and destination, the deliver service then can be completed without time and labor consuming. Dirty and clean bed linens can also be delivered back and forth from wards and laundry room.

Intelligent Supervisor Platform

A central control decision-making software can predominate the position of AGV, mission status, and execute AGV health check. Intelligent Supervisor Platform can assign and distribute mission to AGV, forming non-stop service circulation and complete fleet management system.