Innovative IT Solution Provider Drawing up the IT blueprint for business innovation.


Philosophy Thingking Global, Working Local

Just as bridges are needed to cross the river, we will connect various countries and cultures with the bridges of IT. We will realize this with the excellence of Korea's IT technology, the technology and international experience of only I-BRIDGE.COM

TABLET Thin bezel, light weight, and compact design Tablet.
  • Display of 2000x1200, Supports miracast over Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keyboard and stylus pen that can be used as needed.
  • Provides a smooth network environment through Dual Band connection and Support 4G sim card.
SOLUTION Technology and consulting to lead future IT products.

As an IT company, it contributes to Global Allocation with technology and consulting that will lead future IT products.

MERIT Unrivaled technology beyond competition.
  • Unrivaled technology

    IT specialized company
    manufactured with unique
    technology of I-BRIDGE.COM.

  • Quality stability

    for quality

  • Global Leader

    Leading the global market through
    sales and technology
    consulting as an IT company.

  • A customer-centered company

    provides safe and
    reliable services.